Our Work

Tsolo’s product range showcases one of our key abilities: taking academic research and developing it into competitive commercial products.

Besides developing cutting-edge hardware, our team is also engaged in providing technical consultancy and development expertise to academic and commercial organisations.

The South African solution to cutting cloud storage costs

This Amazon S3 frontend cloud-based storage system combines a Ceph installation with a custom hardware storage backend and self-management tooling.

The first version of the product was a 1PB on-premise deployment for a commercial South African company. It proved that our solution could be deployed at a quarter of the cost of the major international cloud storage providers.

In 2022 we secured a grant from the Technology Innovation Agency to refine our RED product  and include new enterprise features requested by both industry and government partners.

Tsolo RED Version 2.0 development is well underway with an even greater focus on power efficiency and cooling. Our current estimates show v2.0 will be 30% more power efficient than Tsolo RED v1.0.

Tsolo RED is expected to launch commercially in the second quarter of 2023.

A high-performance, lower-cost tape storage solution

To meet a broad spectrum of business needs and budgets we have invested in developing a more cost-effective tape storage system for the local market that will not require any licensing fees.

Tsolo BLUE is a bespoke tape library product that will have no licensing fees of any kind, and be approximately half the cost of current comparable solutions. Tsolo BLUE will have a S3-compliant frontend and will allow seamless integration with our RED product stack.

The first prototype of this 5,000 slot library will be ready for demonstration towards the end of the first quarter 2023.

Looking for a petabyte-scale storage system?

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